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Screens & Solar Screens Installation in Dallas

Living in North Texas, we have become accustomed to looking for the best possible means of keeping our homes cool during those grueling summer months. We are always seeking more efficient ways to stay comfortably cool while also keeping our energy costs at a minimum.

Solar screens are designed to reduce heat transfer from the outside through the window and into your home. Additionally, they reduce glare and harmful rays from the sun. This can most certainly help keep energy costs low while also providing protection for indoor furnishings, carpets, drapes, rugs and more.

And when it comes to quality, cost-effective solar screens, My Affordable Glass and Remodeling has just what you’re looking for!

What are solar screens?

Solar Screens cover the outside of a window similar to full size, standard window screens. The difference is that solar screens are designed to block the heat gain that is generated when the sun’s heat passes through the glass windows. Normally solar screens are made to cover the entire window to achieve the most heat blocking benefits and should be made with Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame instead of standard window screen frame.

Although solar screens may look dark from the outside, optimum outward visibility is maintained. With darker color solar shades, it is kind of like looking though sunglasses; it blocks the glare and sometimes the outward visibility is even better than without the solar screens in place.

What are the benefits of installing solar screens in Dallas?

The home cooling and energy savings potential of solar screens in warm climates like that of Dallas, Fort Worth and other surrounding North Texas neighborhoods are simply phenomenal. It’s entirely possible to achieve a room temperature reduction of up to 15 degrees, which can equate to a savings of up to 25-30% of the cooling portion of your electric energy costs.

What would you do with that kind of savings every month?

If you’re concerned about how solar screens will impact the look and brightness of your room, worry not. You can still open your blinds and drapes to let in the light while also staying cool with your windows covered by external solar screens.

Additional benefits of installing solar screens on your windows is UV Protection for your drapes, furniture, floors, paintings and other valuables to reduce or eliminate fading and discoloration. You’ll also enjoy much more daytime privacy with solar screens.

Where’s the best place to install solar screens?

Realistically, you can install solar screens in just about every window of your home, but they are particularly beneficial in “problem rooms.” That is, rooms which always seem to get hotter than all the others. Rather than having to avoid or close off these rooms due the excessive heat, solar screens present the ideal solution. In fact, the difference in temperature can be felt almost instantly upon installation. Over time, the heat reduction and subsequent cost savings will become even more noticeable.

In fact, most people can’t really understand how effective solar screens are until they get them on their windows. Then they understand.

Can I see through solar screens?

Yes, even though they may look dark from the outside, the outward visibility through solar screens can be excellent. In some cases visibility is even improved as the solar screens reduce the sun’s glare. In fact, the outward view can be so good that many people completely forget they are even on their windows.

How can I get solar screens for my home?

If you’re interested in learning more about solar screens and whether they’d make a good addition to your home windows, we invite you to contact My Affordable Glass and Remodeling today. We can discuss your needs over the phone or schedule an appointment to come out and provide you with a free estimate. Call us or click today to get started!

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