Most modern windows feature a sealed glazing, which is designed to provide better insulation, essentially sealing in the inert gas that’s stored between the panes. Over time, these seals can and often do fail. When window seal failure occurs, the gas can leak out, which can lead to heat transfer issues, moisture problems, glass fogging and more. As Dallas window experts, we’ve seen and addressed countless seal failures over the years. Here’s how to tell if your window seals are failing and a few options for what you can do about it.

How to Recognize a Window Seal Problem

There are a few telltale signs that a window’s seal is either starting to deteriorate or is already shot. First, if you cannot seem to get your windows crystal clear, even after you’ve washed them thoroughly inside and out, then chances are you’ve got a seal problem. Likewise, if you see any sort of distortion in the glass itself, this could also be a sign of seal failure. And, of course, hazing, fogging or outright moisture in between the panes – either permanent or due temperature fluctuations – are all signs of a failed window seal.

How to Deal With a Seal Failure

Live with it. Your first option is to do nothing and simply accept the fact that your windows aren’t perfect. In some cases, a failed seal causes nothing more than a minor inconvenience. With the weather in Dallas, however, this may not be your wisest choice – especially when you’re running your A/C. Improperly sealed windows can drive your energy bills way up, making them an unnecessary added expense.

File a warranty claim. If your windows were installed relatively recently by a reputable professional, they may still have a warranty on them. Many window manufacturers offer protection against seal failure. Keep in mind, however, that this coverage typically depletes over time, so the older your windows, the less reimbursement you’ll receive. But, something is always better than nothing.

Repair the window(s). If the issue is relatively minor, you may be able to get away with simply replacing the seal. This can be done as a DIY project, however, hiring a skilled professional who is experienced in window repair is strongly recommended – especially if you have windows that are high or challenging to reach. Enlisting the help of a pro will ensure that the repair is done properly and keep you safe in the process.

Replace the window(s). The last option is to invest in an entirely new window or set of replacement windows, if you’re dealing with multiple seal failures. This option is of particular preference for windows that are old and may have other deterioration issues as well. Not only will a window replacement correct the seal problem, but it’ll also save you money on energy costs, beautify your home and, in many cases, even increase your property value.  

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