Having been in the industry as long as we have, our team has encountered plenty of questions over the years. In particular, there are certain inquiries that tend to come up on a regular basis. To help answer some of these questions and provide a resource to our customers, our replacement window experts have ranked their top five most frequently asked questions about one of our most popular products – vinyl windows. Let’s dive in below!

Can I install vinyl windows in an older home?

If your home is older, you may be wondering if vinyl replacement windows are even an option. The good news is, these windows can most likely be installed in any home, regardless of age or style. In fact, some of our happiest customers report that their replacement windows have made their older homes much more energy efficient. They can also help drive the value of your home up as well, since many potential buyers list modern windows as a top selling point.

What’s the difference between vinyl and wood replacement windows?

Aside from the obvious difference in physical material, there are a number of key differences between windows made from wood vs. those constructed from vinyl. The main advantage of vinyl is its durability. Where wooden replacement windows typically have a lifespan of approximately 30 years or so, vinyl replacement windows can last much longer. Vinyl windows also tend to require much less maintenance to keep them functioning at their best.

Are vinyl windows less safe than other types of windows?

Windows do more than just add value and improve the comfort of your home. They also serve as a protective barrier against the elements as well as would-be intruders. Many homeowners come to us concerned about whether vinyl windows are capable of providing adequate protection to keep their families safe. Provided that your windows are installed by skilled professionals, vinyl replacement windows can offer a number of security features, including full frames and secure locking mechanisms.

What styles can I choose from?

Many people mistakenly believe that vinyl replacement windows don’t come in a wide variety of designs. This is thankfully not true. In fact, at My Affordable Glass, we work with Pella, one of the world’s most respected and renowned glass suppliers. A quick look at their website shows just how many different design and style options there are to choose from. Plus, our experienced team will work with you to help you select the perfect windows to accommodate your needs and complement your home’s aesthetic.

How much do vinyl replacement windows cost?

Another concern many home owners have when it comes to replacement windows is how much of an investment they’ll have to make. The good news is, vinyl replacement windows are remarkably affordable, particularly because there are so many different styles and design options to choose from. What’s more, our team can work with just about any budget. We even offer special financing to make paying for your window replacement project easy, affordable and hassle-free.

Still have questions or concerns about vinyl or any other type of glass window replacement project? Reach out to speak with one of our experts today. We’re here to help!