Owning a rental property can be a great source of extra income. But being a landlord comes with a lot of responsibilities. For instance, it’s up to you to ensure that the property you own remains in good working order, and that includes reliable windows. Of course, that’s not to say things are always cut and dry. To clear things up, let’s go over a few of the common questions we’ve gotten over the years as replacement window specialists.

Are landlords required to replace windows?

Tenants have the right to safe living conditions. As such, it’s a landlord’s duty to make sure the windows in their properties do not pose any type of danger to tenants or their guests. For instance, broken glass, rotting frames or the presence of mold could become hazardous. In these instances, the landlord would be responsible for repairing or replacing the windows in order to provide safe, livable conditions.

Who pays for damaged windows?

The answer to this is ultimately up to the landlord and tenant involved, but generally speaking, any window damages that occur due to normal wear and tear should be the landlord’s financial responsibility. When windows are damaged due to tenant negligence, on the other hand, the cost to repair or replace would typically fall on the tenant. Again, these details would be worked out between the two parties.

Is a landlord responsible for fixing drafty windows?

One of the biggest reasons home owners invest in replacement windows is to cut down on draftiness, which can lead to costly heating and cooling bills. When it comes to a rental property, however, windows that are merely drafty and do not pose any type of safety hazard are typically not a requirement for the landlord to fix or replace. That being said, if you want to attract and keep good tenants, energy-efficient windows can be a great selling point.

Who’s in charge of managing a window replacement project?

Arranging a window replacement project requires the property owner’s involvement, at least initially. For instance, as a window replacement company, we cannot legally contract with anyone other than the person or persons who own the property. Once the contract is signed, however, it’s up to the landlord as to how much hands-on involvement in the process he or she wants to have.

Generally speaking, logistics like measurement, scheduling and installation can be left up to the tenant, but anything that requires decisions or has to be signed off on should be handled by the property owner.

It’s also important to note that if you, as a landlord, plan on allowing your tenant to oversee your window replacement project, make sure you trust the window company. Shady contractors might see this as an opportunity to cut corners at your expense.

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