If you’re like most people, you like the water in your shower to be relatively hot. While that steamy water may feel great on your skin, however, the excess moisture it produces can take a toll on your bathroom’s finishes. One of the most common issues it can cause is fogging on your shower glass. Not only does this result in a frustrating lack of visibility, but it can counteract the feeling of openness that having a glass shower can provide. Below, our shower glass pros share a few expert tips on how to prevent your shower enclosure from fogging up.

What causes shower glass fogging?

Before we delve into some of the ways you can prevent fog from forming on your glass shower enclosure, it’s important to understand exactly what’s causing the issue in the first place. Technically speaking, the foggy appearance of glass surfaces during and after a shower is actually due to condensation. This naturally occurs when humidity levels rise and/or when warm air collides with a cooler surface. Because hot showers raise both the air temperature and humidity levels, the result is foggy glass.

4 Ways to Prevent Glass Fogging

There are a variety of ways to prevent fog from forming on your shower glass enclosure. Some are easier and faster than others. We’ll start with the simplest solution first.

Take Cooler Showers

The most obvious way to prevent glass from fogging is to lower the temperature of the water. The cooler the water, the less humidity and more stable the overall temperature of the bathroom. This cooler, dryer environment is not one that invites condensation. Of course, cold showers aren’t for everyone, which brings us to our next suggestion.

Open a Window

Because fog is generated by excess moisture, high temps and humidity, it stands to reason that by replacing the warm, moist air of the bathroom with air that’s cooler and dryer can alleviate the problem. To do this, just keep your bathroom window open slightly when taking a shower.


What about bathrooms that don’t have windows, or those days when it’s simply too cold to keep the window open? In those instances, ventilation can be the answer. If your bathroom already features an exhaust fan, turning it on whenever you take a shower will help to draw out the warm, humid air. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, you may want to consider having one installed.

Apply Anti-Fog Coating

Anti-fog coatings are uniquely formulated to prevent condensation from forming on glass surfaces. There are a variety of products on the market that offer this type of solution, most of which can be found right at your local hardware store. Anti-fog coating is typically applied as a liquid that is either sprayed on the glass or spread on using a cloth. Once applied properly, the glass should still appear crystal clear, but have an invisible barrier that prevents or reduces condensation.

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