Your shower is one of the biggest focal points of your bathroom, which is why having the right shower door is the key to achieving the look you desire. That being said, with so many options available, choosing that shower door can seem like an overwhelming task. Thankfully, with the right approach, this process doesn’t have to be complicated. Below, our shower door experts provide guidance on how to pick the perfect shower door in five simple steps.

Determine your shower’s shape.

There are a number of different shapes that can be configured when it comes to creating the ideal shower look and feel. Knowing what you’re dealing with right from the get-go can help you immediately narrow down your selection and make the process a little less complex. The most common configurations include inline (straight opening with sliding doors), return (swing or bypass doors with a return panel) and corner.

Decide how you’d like to enter your shower.

Choosing a glass shower enclosure is about more than just the layout of your space, but also how you’d like to access your shower. Again, there are a variety of options here, from swing doors to sliding doors to rolling doors and panel enclosures. Determining how you would prefer to get in and out of your shower can help you better pinpoint the right option for you.

Choose your glass.

Once again, there are a wide variety of glass styles to choose from, so give this some thought as well. Would you prefer clear glass, which creates a more open and airy feel, or would you rather a more private look, as can be achieved through obscure, etched or silk glass? These are just a few of the many options that are available to you, so we suggest determining how much privacy you’d prefer and the overall look you’re envisioning, and then narrowing your choices from there.

Select your frame and hardware.

Once you’ve decided on the style, shape, layout and glass type you’d prefer, the next step is pinpointing the look you’d like to achieve. Most modern shower remodels lean toward frameless enclosures, because they offer the most attractive appearance without breaking the bank. Additionally, there are a broad number of hardware options, both in terms of material and style. (Feel free to browse our gallery to get some design ideas.)

Pick an installer.

While this step is listed last, it would be wise to tackle this one first, as an experienced shower glass installer can provide valuable insight and make the planning process much easier. Be sure to choose a company that specializes in shower enclosures and has both experience as well as plenty of reviews from satisfied customers. And remember – the highest price tag doesn’t necessarily correspond with the best quality. Ideally, look for someone who offers expertise and an affordable price that suits your budget.

If you’re unsure on any of the above steps, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our experts can go over your unique layout, needs and desired design to help you determine exactly what type of shower enclosure would be best.