When it comes to having work done on your business, not every service provider is created equal. The same can be said for replacement glass companies – perhaps even more so.

Choosing the right storefront glass installer is important because, not only does it involve the “face” of your brand, but it also involves the safety and enjoyment of your customers. In fact, going with the wrong provider could end up costing you money out of pocket as well as future business.

That being said, if you are in the market for replacement glass service, here’s the criteria we recommend.

Solid Reputation – Before you start your search, ask your friends, family and business colleagues if they know of a replacement glass company in Dallas that they’ve used and can recommend. Word of mouth from other satisfied customers can be invaluable in selecting a service provider you can trust. If you don’t know anyone who has personal experience with a Dallas replacement glass company, your next best option is to hit the web and check out the online reviews.

Quality – Again, the glass of your storefront is like the face of your business. You want it to convey the right message to your prospects – one that adequately demonstrates your level of professionalism. Be careful to choose a glass replacement company that has a proven track record of performing good work and using high quality materials. And don’t just take their word for it. Check out their online portfolio, or better yet, drive by a few local businesses where they’ve installed storefront glass to see how it looks.

Reliability – Replacing the glass in your business means certain downtime. After all, you can’t have customers coming in and out while glass is being installed. Obviously, the less disruptive to your business, the better. Look specifically for a Dallas replacement glass company that offers fast, reliable service and will do everything within their power to minimize any impact the installation process has on your business.

Experience – Not every glass replacement company is equipped or skilled enough to handle a project such as yours, so be mindful of the experience of each company you’re considering. Specifically, look for a provider that has experience with large commercial projects. That way, even if your business is small, you can be confident that the installer will be able to carry out the job successfully. Number of years in the industry is also a key factor. We recommend choosing an installer with no less than 10 years’ of hands-on experience working with replacement glass.

Support – Any replacement glass company can make big promises when they’re trying to sell you on their services, but what happens if and when something goes wrong after the fact? The last thing you want is to be left high and dry in the event that a repair needs to be made. This is why it’s important to choose an installer that offers solid, reliable service and support AFTER the sale. Ideally, you should look for a company that offers 24-hour emergency service. That way you’ll have peace of mind even after the project is complete.

When it comes to choosing a replacement glass company in Dallas, the options are many. Applying the above criteria should help you narrow your choices and select an installer that you can trust and rely on. At My Affordable Glass, we are proud to meet every item on this checklist and we’d love the opportunity to discuss your replacement glass needs in greater detail. Get in touch today and let’s chat!