Most people view a bathroom as utilitarian in nature. After all, it serves a few very specific purposes. But with the right design, the bathroom can become a much bigger focal point of the home. In fact, one of the simplest pleasures in life is being able to retreat to the comfort of a luxurious bathroom. Don’t have that kind of vibe in your master bath? The good news is, there are a few simple, effective and affordable changes you can make to transform a basic bathroom into a true oasis.

Incorporate Wood Accents

Some of the most renowned spas in the world use wood to create a feeling of warmth and tranquility. You can easily capture this same look and feel by incorporating natural wood accents throughout the room. Try hanging wooden slats on one wall, replacing existing shelving with wooden ones or upgrading your sink to a wooden bowl that sits above the counter. These simple touches can do wonders for creating a softer, more peaceful atmosphere.

Use Natural Color Schemes

If your bathroom renovation budget is tight, you can still make some dramatic changes simply by switching up the color scheme. Think about the peaceful spa experiences you’ve had elsewhere. Most of them probably involved soft, natural colors in earthy tones, like gray, brown, green and beige. Why? Because these colors tend to be mellow and soothing. Paint the whole room or just one accent wall. Alternatively, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller size, you can paint the entire room a soft white which, while still tranquil, can help make the space appear larger.

Install Frameless Shower Doors

Ditch the curtain and really capture the look and feel of a spa by changing out your existing shower for one that features a frameless enclosure. Frameless showers add an air of elegance to any bathroom. They also lend to a more open and airy space, which instantly brightens and enlarges the room. For an even bigger upgrade, consider replacing existing tile with more modern options, such as subway tiles on the walls or pebbled flooring. The design possibilities are virtually limitless.

Replace Your Light Fixtures

Years ago, the trend was to make lighting as inconspicuous as possible. Modern, luxury bathrooms, however, tend to make lighting more of a focal point. Just like shower renovations, the design options for light fixtures are almost endless. Choose from elegant wall sconces or go bold with hanging chandeliers. On a budget or just don’t want to replace your existing lights? Install a dimmer to create a more relaxing option for the room. To truly capture a spa-like atmosphere, incorporate flameless, battery powered candles throughout the room.

Heat from Below

Is there anything less relaxing than stepping on ice cold tile? You can create a much warmer (literally), more comforting experience by having radiant heat installed beneath your bathroom floor. As an added bonus, since installation requires the floor being lifted, it’ll give you a perfect excuse to choose new, updated flooring. Again, look toward more modern options in soft, earthy tones. That way you’ll have a beautiful new floor that’ll always be cozy to step on. Now that’s luxury!

Your master bath is capable of becoming so much more than just a basic, sensible room. With a few simple renovations, such as the ones listed above, you can easily transform the space into a true sanctuary within your home.