When it comes to running a successful business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Chances are, your storefront glass isn’t even on your radar. From the comfort of your clientele to the energy efficiency of your building, storefront windows play a more significant role in the day-to-day operations of your business than you may even realize.

In fact, unless the property was recently constructed, those windows could actually be costing you money. Still not convinced? Here are a few ways new storefront glass could lower your overhead and help you maximize your business value.

Reduce Energy Costs

You don’t have to be in business long to figure out that energy bills are among the highest expenses for commercial buildings. What you may not realize, however, is how much of a role inefficient windows play in driving those heating and cooling costs up.

This is especially the case here in Texas, where temperatures outside can become downright unbearable. Keeping your building cool and comfortable for your employees and customers is a must. If your storefront glass is drafty, not property insulated or has a broken seal, it can take a lot more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature, which can contribute to higher costs. The opposite happens in winter.

Storefront glass replacement can help lower your cooling and heating costs by ensuring that your building is more energy-efficient. If you suspect that damaged or inefficient windows are contributing to higher energy costs, replacement glass might be a worthwhile long-term investment.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

Another big expense of owning a brick and mortar business is property maintenance and repair. Taking care of your storefront glass can increase its longevity, but when windows get too old, not only do they become more inefficient, but they also tend to require more costly and frequent maintenance and repairs.

For instance, wooden window frames tend to require regular scraping and painting. Likewise, older window frames typically require regular maintenance in order to repair cracks and seal gaps. These expenses can quickly add up, ultimately cutting into your profitability.

If you’re constantly calling in a window repairperson (or spending your precious time doing repairs and maintenance yourself), it may be time to consider a storefront glass replacement. The time and money you’ll save over the next several years will far outweigh the upfront investment.

Increase Occupancy and Comfort

Keeping your customers or tenants comfortable may not have a dollar for dollar impact on your profits, but it does impact ROI. If you operate a business out of the building, quality storefront glass can keep your clientele happier, which will encourage them to stay longer and come back more frequently. Likewise, if you own and rent a commercial property, the comfort level of your tenants and their customers can lead to higher occupancy rates, which means a better bottom line for you.

You may also be able to attract higher paying tenants. For instance, many business owners looking to rent commercial property favor “greener” or more energy efficient spaces. With recently installed storefront glass you may be able to market your property as eco-friendly, which may enable you to raise your lease rates.

The secret to business success in any industry is keeping costs as low as possible. Replacing your storefront glass may seem like something minor, and an expanse in and of itself, but as you can see above, it’s something that can pay off handsomely in the long run.

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